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Uncontested Probate

Probate Attorney in Naples, FL

Renee E. Nesbit, Attorney at Law

After a loved one dies, family members have to go through the complex and often stressful legal process of probate. Settling the estate of a recently deceased loved one can be an overwhelming challenge, especially for the person named personal representative of the estate or trustee of a trust. An experienced probate attorney at Renee E. Nesbit, Attorney at Law can take some of the weight off your shoulders and help you navigate the process.  


We assist personal representatives and trustees with a wide variety of tasks and provide dependable support through every step of the way. Our office is based in Naples, FL and we have assisted clients with probate throughout the state of Florida for the last 12 years.

We Take the Stress Out of Settling a Loved One’s Estate

Whether the estate was left with or without a will, a probate attorney can make the situation easier for everyone involved. We provide advice and assistance to help you prevent mistakes that will draw out the process 


Renee E. Nesbit, Attorney at law can assist you with various tasks, including: 

  • Validating the will (if a will exists)  
  • Making an inventory of assets and assisting with obtaining appraisals 
  • Settling the decedent’s outstanding debts and paying any taxes owed 
  • Distributing remaining assets to the appropriate beneficiaries  
  • Preparing and filing the necessary paperwork with the probate court 

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